The Free Legal Aid Organization

Who We Are

We are a young and energetic group of like minded individuals, practising as litigating Advocates in the High Courts of the country and other Courts and Tribunals.

Having attained relevant experience in a diversified array of disputes including Insolvency, Competition, Writs, Tenancy, SRA, other forms of Civil and Criminal litigations, our endeavours to provide free legal aid to the needy grew out of proportions.

We strive, out of our daily busy routine, to provide free legal advisory to the BPL and the litigants in need and consequently, have incorporated VakeelMitra, the free legal aid organization.

Group of Lawyers

The group has diversified itself into various practice groups, while some dealing in general civil, criminal trials, High Court appearances and vetting, advisory, SRA, infrastructure and society rights, etc.

We have been fortunate enough to have the blessings of volunteers, who engaged themselves from time to time, in helping the team of Advocates setting up camps and seminars.

No One is Above The Law

An old saying, but stands tall till date. No one is truly above the law.

While our experience has made us see tough and turbulent legal situations, we feel the need to share the same to the litigants in need. Crisp and simple solutions can sometimes go a long way and while we provide opinions based on the letter of the law, compassion and determination are our main allies.

Hall of Justice

As Advocates, we believe every Court, every Tribunal and every quasi-judicial institution is a Hall of Justice of its own. Equal protection of the law must be taken very seriously and we consider ourselves having a moral obligation to protect the same.

Free Consultation

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Why Us

At VakeelMitra, we Advocates, backed by years of philanthropic endeavours, group together to provide free and accessible legal advisory, aid and assistance to the litigants in need. Out of the hectic schedule and timings, we strive to make justice reach the needy and the BPL, whose lives have been entangled in years of litigation, whose families have been torn apart in the vortex of dates and to those who struggles to reach the temples of justice without an iota of knowledge or education.

Why us? Because we have endeavoured to provide the above. And as a matter of fact, you should too.

Property & Business Law

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Privileged as stated above, to have partnered with many volunteers and other institutions, VakeelMitra operates its free service out of an educational institution in Parel East, Mumbai. We shall be opening a branch in Kolkata in the future, and while we dream of a litigation friendly country with our branches in every city, every town and every village, VakeelMitra places its address as below:

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